BodyTherapy by Titov

For me, massage is not just handwork or craft. This is a deep creative process, a mutual multidimensional interaction between two persons – a therapist and a client, with the goal of soul and body harmonization.

My Services

Massage is a never-ending story of pleasure. Its benefits are obvious: healing, relaxation, and preventive care.

With my massage I help you step towards a better feeling – and a better life.


  • 30 min – 30 EUR
  • 60 min – 55 EUR
  • 90 min – 80 EUR
  • Sport massage – 90 EUR

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A place doesn’t matter but a way to health matters. Let’s discuss where we meet for our massage session.


  • Massage price + 50 EUR.

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You can make your travel experience even more enjoyable. It will be a new story in the book of your life.


  • 500 EUR/day (+Tax) + All travel expenses

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My Method

When you come to me, for the first time or again, it is important for me to listen to you: the purpose of your visit, your feelings and expectations. My method is centered on three key principles:

Each person is a unique creation, who every time needs a special, non-standard approach.
Healing therapy implies a harmonious synthesis of traditional and alternative techniques, a therapist’s ability to combine knowledge and experience and apply them in the best way for the client.
A therapist is a mediator of processes’ harmonization. He helps a person to reveal own resources and enter the way of healing.

It’s absolutely the BEST massage! Alexey is a Master and gemstone of his work! Very professional, down to the earth individual with magic touch and positive energy! His approach is soulful, passionate, very kind and caring! I had several problems with sore neck and back, as well as pain in my foot… after couple of sessions there is a real release and improvement with those issues! Thank you sooooo much!

Vita Lvova (UK)

Equivalent to the difference between flying the first class and coach. Super professional, friendly and humble to the task: Titov is the most skilled masseur I’ve come across on my travels through various countries and different massage traditions. In comparison to your average, predictable appointment, Titov’s massage feels intuitive, organic and continuously evolving. Clear communication, excellent technique and very discreet service: he handles the towels smoothly, so you feel respectfully covered all the time (also speaking from a solo female traveler point of view). The premises are modern and clean. All in all, the astonishing experience! My next visit to the Baltics will have a stop through Riga just for the purpose of getting a massage from Titov. Book it now, you won’t regret it.

Martine K. (Norway)

Massage? Need look no further! I have had a lot of different types of massage in my life and his was unlike no other. Aleksejs is an incredible massage therapist and healer! As a competitive gymnast, I’ve had lots of sports massage – as an adult with frequent travel opportunities, I tried just about every different types of massage – or so I thought. 90min flew by like it was a few minutes. Felt like walking on a cloud afterward and to my surprise, I for the first time of my life felt that I’ve been to a massage even a day after, what a strength! I’m overall extremely impressed by his ability to keep the firm grip from start to the end, how professional he is and how the whole experience made me feel. He is a top-performing professional and I’m thankful for the reviews I trusted here. It will be a must for me every chance I have to go to Latvia.

Michael (USA)

Book an Appointment

If you feel certain about having a massage with me, you are welcome to phone me directly to appoint a date and time, or to send me a message. I would appreciate if you tell me some words about yourself and why you need to get a massage.

    Contact Details

    +371 27182445

    18 E. Birznieka-Upīša Str., Rīga, Latvija

    Please enter the building through the brown wooden door with the number 18 on it. In the entrance hall on the right side of the second door there is intercom – press 6 and go up to the 3rd floor.

    If you come by car, you can always leave it on available parking spaces on E. Birzinieka-Upīša and Visvalža streets (zone B).

    Opening Hours

    Monday – Wednesday – Friday

    08:30 – 18:00

    Tuesday – Thursday

    08:30 – 20:00


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