BodyTherapy by Titov


Massage in my beautiful and comfortable studio in Riga, Elijas iela 20, LV-1050 is not just a handwork or a craft. This is a deep creative process, a mutual multidimensional interaction between two people – a therapist and a client, with the goal of soul, body and mind harmonisation.

The glorious philosopher Plato wrote: “The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated.” The body is reflection of our inner state, our relations with ourselves and with the world around us. I see my therapeutic mission in working with a person expansively, not limited to the traditional framework, but guided by my intuition and empathy.

My aim is to apply all my knowledge, huge experience and intuition in the process of tuning your body and soul so that they sound beautifully, in unison.  To help you reach your potential, find those resources that will give you a sense of integrity and self-confidence.

My Method

No matter whether we will meet first time or not, it is important for me to understand your expectations and the purpose of your visit to my comfortable studio in the very centre of Riga located at Elijas iela 20. My method is centered on three key principles:

Each person is a unique creation, who every time needs a special, non-standard approach.
Healing therapy implies a harmonious synthesis of traditional and alternative techniques, a therapist’s ability to combine knowledge and experience and apply them in the best way for the client.
A therapist is a mediator of processes’ harmonization. He helps a person to reveal own resources and enter the way of healing.

BodyTherapy by Titov

About Massage

Benefits of massage in my studio in Riga, Elijas iela 20, LV-1050 are obvious: healing, relaxation, and preventive care. We live in times when high speed, multifunctional behavior and automatic reactions are considered to be success factors. We want to be time-effective, we are continually accelerating, and we are pushing and doing a lot of things unconsciously. As a result: we are losing contact with our body, we are burning out, living in a state of stress, and by this earning chronic “health problems”. We forget that our body is the temple of our soul. And if we forget to care for our body, our soul suffers as well.

Massage makes you feel home, you return to those natural bodily sensations that God originally awarded a man. My clients say that sometimes during a massage they are surprised to feel how their body is released from oppression and starts to breathe.

During massage, my hands go after your body, following signals that it gives. I have my special ‘handwriting’: my hands do not move symmetrically, each of my fingers works, and often I use all of them simultaneously, and also put my elbows and forearms into work. The larger is the area of contact between my hands and your body, the higher is the effect of exposure and the more care your body feels. It seems as if many hands are working on you – and this is an incomparable sensation.

There are various types of massages and techniques, but I follow my own method that can not be explained in few sentences here but you are very welcome to attend my courses for massage therapists.  When I work with you your body and my intuition will tell me in which direction to go, which technique to apply and which rhythm my hands need to choose in order to provide the most healing, harmonising effect and to reach great health-oriented result.


I am convinced that professional relations between people should be based on mutual respect, common culture and compliance with certain rules. I kindly invite you to consider my wishes and requirements aimed to make our communication enjoyable and effective.

Massage should be safe, effective and enjoyable, please warn me in advance about any problems with your health.
I do not recommend drinking alcohol before or immediately after massage. Also, massage is not suitable immediately after eating; it is advisable to take at least two hours after a meal and then get massage.
Clothes and accessories
I care about your comfort and relaxation a lot. During the massage session you can use the disposable underwear offered on the spot, or stay in your own.
All jewelry and watches must be put off, but you may leave your wedding ring.
Be sure to mute your smart phone before the session.
Visit and cancellation of a session
I consider mutual politeness and timekeeping to be a key element of our interaction.
Please come to your session in my studio in Riga located at Elijas iela 20, LV-1050 approximately 5 minutes in advance in order to get prepared and then fully enjoy the treatment. If you are late for your massage, the session is shortened by the time you are late.
You can cancel your session or change its time a day before your massage. If your cancellation is made within 24 hours (before the session), on your next visit you have to pay 50% of the missed session price. If you do not notify, you will have to fully cover the cost of your missed massage by a bank transfer to a specified bank account. This rule ensures clients to be responsible, as well as provides me with financial security and stability of my work schedule.
Professionalism and privacy
As for me, I guarantee the conformity of my services to the principles of professional ethics, criteria of morality regarding my clients and colleagues. I also secure a total confidentiality of our work. No details of your life will be known to a third party, regardless of your being familiar with this person or not.

BodyTherapy by Titov

Massage Where You Are

Please note: it is an extra non-regular service! Nowadays an active person lives in an express mode, trying to do a dozen things at the same time and find himself in different places. With such a time pressure, we have less time left for ourselves. But when there is a will, there is a way!

You can receive your massage at home or in the office. It helps you to save time, reduce stress (traffic jams, parking places) and increase the efficiency of the procedure. As you know, everything is easier at home: you will feel cozy, and after the procedure you can fully relax, and it will boost a beneficial effect of massage.

Please note: this is an extra-class service; therefore the price is higher (the price of a massage session in the salon at Elijas iela 20, Riga + 50 EUR in addition for a visit no matter how many people will have massage at the place).

BodyTherapy by Titov

Travel Massage

I am dedicated to my work and I really love traveling. Therefore, I was inspired by the idea to unite these two passions. So I have started the projects of on-site massage sessions in different countries of the world.

You are going to travel with your family or friends. And during this vacation you would like to have your personal massage therapist, who will work with you daily, sharing his knowledge and best practices.

This is a premium service that I will readily provide on the following conditions:

– A client covers all transportation expenses (airline tickets, baggage, transfer to / from the airport).

– My work cost: 550 EUR for each calendar day.

– A client provides me with 3 meals a day and accommodation in a comfortable separate room.

– My work schedule is agreed in advance in order to plan my time for prayers, sleep, training, and education. The number of massages per day is usually up to 6 full body massages.

– The amount and terms of an advance payment is negotiable individually.


One of the most essential principles of a professional massage therapist is doing no harm. Massage produces a vigorous effect on skin, muscles, joints and tendons, so there is a risk of aggravating the health problems that you already have.

Types of contraindications to massage can be absolute (diseases which make massage excluded) and temporary (diseases when it is better to delay massage). If you have a chronic disease, I recommend you to consult your doctor before making an appointment for a massage.

You can also contact me and we will discuss your concerns and state of your health. Our session should be appropriate and healing, so a preliminary open talk about your health is critical for you and for me.