Classic massage is a pleasant and universal means of effects on your skin, muscles, joints, central nervous system and your whole body. Classic massage improves your skin state, normalizes metabolism and blood circulation. Proper selection of massage techniques helps to eliminate pain, edema and adhesions, normalizes sexual function, and accelerates injured tissue regeneration. Restores the power of tired muscles, increases their efficiency, and strengthens joints and ligaments.


Relaxing massage is one of the most effective ways to relieve fatigue and tension caused by stress and physical exertion. It gives a sense of vitality and lightness. This type of massage is primarily aimed at restoring and maintaining human energy. During the massage session your concerns will fade, muscular tension will reduce, your blood circulation will normalize and pains will quickly disappear. Your body will relax and warm up. General relaxing massage session is an excellent holistic sanative procedure that quickly removes fatigue and restores your body.


Fitness massage helps to improve endurance, muscles and gain an excellent physical shape. Fitness massage is a perfect means of prevention and treatment of injuries. It is indispensable during active preparations for competitions, as well as after them to restore muscles and body as a whole. Fitness massage is a great way to relieve muscle tension or vice versa to warm up muscles before exercise for those who lead an active lifestyle.


A professional anti-cellulite massage is performed in a special pace using special massage techniques aimed at improving your blood circulation, ameliorating your muscle tone and correcting the structure of your adipose tissue. It is the most effective type of massage if you struggle with obesity and "orange peel", as well as swelling and heaviness in your legs.


Deep tissue massage is one of the most effective types of massages, which due to its unique features, enjoys increasing popularity.

Deep tissue massage improves posture, reduces tension, normalizes the function of muscles, ligaments and tendons, and relieves muscle and joint pain. Deep tissue massage is the most effective and efficient way to improve the functioning of all your musculoskeletal systems and your general condition.


Reflexology foot massage is astonishing in its effects for your body. It relieves stresses and effectively improves your immune system. This special type of massage is based on the liaison of special points and reflex areas on your feet soles with internal organs. The stimulation of these points has a positive impact on the respective organ. Thus, while massaging your soles, a massage therapist will not only relieve tired feet, but also will improve the health of your entire body. You should certainly try this massage at the massage studio BodyTherapybyTitov in Riga.